What’s To Be Noticed

I challenge you to complete this quiz. You don’t have to submit answers or comment below, just take it. How many of you know the answers to these questions?

1. Name the Big 3 [music companies]

2. name the CEOs of the Big 3.

3. Who is a chicken loving freak that has a weird condition?

4. Who broke 28 pairs of chopsticks with his butt?

5. Who’s song was thought to be about animals?

6. Which leader tells you to get your CRAYONS (a clue for you)?

7. Who was given the nickname “Marylin Monroe”?

8. List the people in the Derp Squad [SM]

9. Which boy looks good even as a girl?

          10. How do you say “Hello” in Korean?

(These were bad questions but it’s good enough). The people who know the answers to these questions are K POP fans. (Answers to be revealed at end).

There are websites to notify fans about their idols activities like AllKpop (bless them) K pop Daily (bless them too) and Kpop Starz (never heard of them but… bless them too). However this blog/ News Committee thing… is different from those. KPOP The Works has a section at the bottom of the article known as The Neutral Zone which shows all perspectives of the scandal or event. All thoughts are shared and this blog allows the mind to think further. But it’s main purpose is still to deliver news.


  1. Criticism allowed but not in a way to harm others e.g. “______ is so ugly and shouldn’t be a part of this world.” In many websites had this happened and it will not be tolerated.
  2. Grammar Nazi- Although being strict on grammar myself, people who correct other people’s grammar can get annoying and cause a disagreement from two parties. Grammar Nazi activities are not recommended.
  3. Showing your love for groups and such is appreciated and allowed yet it is prohibited to bash other groups e.g “My KPOP group is better than yours etc.”
  4. Feel free to show your opinions

Admin Panda_Unicorn

KPOP The Works



1. SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment (SM Town, YG Family, JYP Nation)

2. SM- Kim YoungMin (FOUNDER- Lee SooMan), YG- Yang HyunSuk, JYP- Park JinYoung

3. Onew, (Lee Jinki) Leader of SHINee

4. Junho, 2PM

5. EXO (Growl)

6. G-Dragon ❤ (Kwon Jiyong)

7. Xi Luhan, EXO

8. Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo (D.O.), Oh Sehun (EXO)

9. Multiple people like Heechul, Kyuhyun, Luhan, Kevin but mostly Taemin (sorry, Taeman- credits to Eat Your Kimchi)

10.  Annyeonghaseyo (Ann-yong-ha-say-oh) [안녕하세요]

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